Thursday, April 14, 2011

Signed, Sealed and Delivered!

Well, it's been a long time coming but the final contracts are now signed, certified and on their way to the bank and the council!

We had a few dramas getting there, as upon reading through the contract I noticed that they had double-charged us for the kitchen. We had to wait two weeks for the sales guy to get his ass into gear and get us the variation sheet for the new contract price - not happy Jan! Honestly, I think that if we hadn't taken the initiative of contacting Romeo ourselves, we would still be waiting and twiddling our thumbs!

Had an interesting conversation with Romeo Homes while chasing up these final contracts...apparently, contrary to what the sales guy has been telling us, all of these delays have been in them waiting to receive documentation from Premier. For example, despite signing the request for variation sheet on Saturday the 2nd of April, this was not given back to Romeo until 4.30pm on Thursday the 7th of April - almost a week later! And apparently we are not the only clients of this sales guy who are experiencing similar delays...Given our experiences in how promptly Romeo communicates with us vs. the sales guy at Premier, I am inclined to believe their side of the story more somehow...

In any event, now that the 5% deposit has been paid and contracts signed, we are now done and dusted with Premier. The staff at Romeo seem quite lovely, and have been excellent in answering all of our queries so I'm looking forward to dealing with them in future. Plans are now on their way to council and the bank, so [fingers crossed] we are on our way!