Monday, August 27, 2012

Nothing to see here...

We dropped into the house on Saturday, but there are no pictures this week as not much has changed unfortunately. Hopefully Ben will get to see some progress when he drops in on his way up to Albury later in the week and we will have some more updates for you then.

In the meantime, we have been busy buying a few bits and pieces for the house - which is quite exciting. It is a bit difficult remembering what we actually have since it has been in storage and we haven't seen it all in three years! So far we have bought a nice set of couches and a coffee table for the family room, and a few small knick-knacks that we know we definitely already have. 

We also visited the Home Show last week and got some more great ideas for landscaping and interior decorating. We popped in on my friend Emily from Innovative Curtains & Blinds, and made an appointment for this coming Saturday to discuss our options. Next on the list will be to find a carpet layer...

Fingers crossed for more progress this week!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Paint me like one of your French girls...

So the painters have finally arrived on site!

We had a little hiccup earlier in the week with the colours, but luckily everything has been resolved now. The issue was that we had originally chosen a Dulux colour, 'Gentle Touch (half strength)', for most of the walls in the house. However, the painters use Haymes as their paint supplier, which apparently doesn't tint well with Dulux colours.

Luckily, the painters managed to find a very close match in the Haymes range, so we have now gone with 'Pearl Lustre' instead. It is a very warm, creamy colour which I think will go very nice with the polished floorboards:

Old Colour: Dulux 'Gentle Touch'
New Colour: Haymes 'Pearl Lustre'

The whole house will be painted in this colour, except for the theatre room which is being painted in Dulux 'Purple Empire'. Apparently, because we only require one room to be painted in Purple Empire, they can switch to Dulux paint without too much hassle.

At the moment, they have just finished the initial undercoating spray, but it does still give a good idea of what the colours will look like in the end:


Master bedroom


Family room

Theatre room - looks very blue grey in the picture, but it is actually a bit more purple in real life

Looks a lot darker in this shot

I can't wait to see the tilers get on site; not long to go now! In the meantime, work has already started on our driveway swimming pool...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Crushed rock and not much else...

We haven't updated the blog in a few weeks, but that is only because work on site seems to have ground to a halt. The painter is ready to go, but we have been waiting for the plasterers to be available so that they can finish the fix in bedrooms two and three. Apparently the plasterers were on site today, so the painters have now been booked for next week. 

PK tells us that we will be able to get a better idea of the handover date once the painting has finished and the tiling starts. Not sure how long it normally takes for the painters to finish though - perhaps one of my fellow house-builders could enlighten us?

In the meantime, we have had lots of crushed rock dropped on site so that it is not so muddy for the painters, and in preparation for our retaining walls. We were originally thinking of having a lighter coloured concrete for the driveway, but the crushed rock has given me an idea of how it would look in a darker concrete or asphalt and I must say... I don't mind it.