Sunday, May 20, 2012

The big red clock

Not all that much has been happening in the few days since we last visited the block. The roof scaffolding has come down now, meaning that the windows on the north side can now be fitted, and the weatherboards started.

They also seemed to have started on boarding up the master bedroom.

Scaffolding down

Boards started on our bedroom

Ready to start on this side of the house now

In other news, it was Ben's birthday on Wednesday (Happy Birthday Ben!). He has already been out shopping and spent his birthday money on goodies for the new house - a big red clock for the kitchen, to be placed above the mantle. How's this for customer service though....Ben initially saw this clock in a store in Clifton Hill ("Birch Living") about six months ago and mentioned to the owner of the store how much he liked it, but had nowhere to store it. He promised to return when he found somewhere to put it....

On Thursday, Ben walks back into the store and the owner approaches him straightaway. 'Hey,' he said, 'back for your clock?!'. Apparently, these clocks have been selling like hotcakes over the last six months, and the store was down to their last one. Knowing how much Ben liked it, the owner took the last one down off the shelf and has been holding it for him in storage until he came back. Let alone the fact that he thought to hold it away for Ben, he also took $50 off the price because it was the display model. Great service! We will definitely be paying this store another visit to see if we can pick up any other treasures.

The big red clock

This is going to match in well with the stove we have picked out:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More weatherboards...

Ben managed to score some work around the Wallan and Kilmore area today, so that means another special mid-week update! Not much to report, just that the builders have been busy installing more of the weatherboards. They have not quite finished yet, as the roof scaffolding needs to be removed in order to start on the north side of the house. 

In the meantime, we do however have lots of pretty pictures to show you:

South side of the house all done 

Back view

Laundry door

Garage and laundry

Looking over the future deck

Family room wall

Bedroom 2&3 wall finished

View from the street

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weatherboards and finials

Just a quick update....we managed a quick trip past the block on Saturday, and it looks like the builders have been quite busy in the two days since we were last there. It looks like they have now finished installing all of the Colorbond, and the finials have been attached to the three main gables. They have also started installing the weatherboards, mainly around the rear side of the house. It will be very interesting to see what they can achieve over the next week - PK told us on Wednesday that the external doors will be arriving on Tuesday this week, so it seems as though 'Lock-Up' is imminent...

Garage finial

Weatherboards started outside bedrooms 2 and 3

Almost done on this side of the house

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We're wrapped (well, kinda...)

Today was a very busy house day....we got all of our ducks lined up and managed to organise almost all of the rest of our selections in one day. 

Stop 1: Lighting

First up, we went to the lighting shop. We have already purchased most of our pendant lights, but we were yet to find the right lights for the theatre room. We stopped in at Light Up Australia on the way to the Keogh office and Ben managed to find his perfect wall lights for the theatre room. They were out of stock so we placed an order and they should be here by next week. 

Retro wall lights to go either side of the screen

Stop 2: Electrical

Next stop, into the Keogh offices for the electrical appointment. Despite Keogh's generous light point and power point allowances, we have still added in an extra 21 light points (mostly through adding downlights to the hallway, study and theatre room). We have also added in 8 extra power points, and an IXL in each of the bathrooms.

Electrical plan draft (not including switching)

Stop 3: Cabinetry

Next up, cabinetry. We met with Jack from Divine Cabinets to go through the cabinetry configuration for the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry.

As we have mentioned in earlier posts, we especially liked the kitchen design from our original house plans, so we have decided to keep as close to this design as possible:

Instead of the pot drawers either side of the stove, we are going to make them cupboards instead. We will also have an overhead cabinet on the left hand side of the stove. Our island bench will have one set of cupboards in the centre, and bank of pot drawers/cutlery drawers either side.

We have chosen this 'shiplap' style for the vinyl wrap cupboard doors, and provincial twist handles:

At this stage, we have gone with Antique White for the cupboards, Kalahari Topaz for the kitchen benches, and Nullabor Stone for the benches in the bathrooms and laundry.

Antique white - cupboards
Kalahari Topaz - Kitchen bench tops
Nullabor Stone - bathrooms and laundry

Stop 4: Tiles

No rest for the wicked - next stop for our day...tiles! Now, we had already gone through and picked most of our tile selections back in November, but in light of our new cabinetry and benchtop colours, we just wanted to revisit and make sure everything still matched okay. 

We decided to change the floor tiles in the bathrooms and laundry to Millennium Grey Pearl instead of the Millennium Black, and we needed to change the feature stripe in the bathroom as our original pick is now discontinued. But not to fear, we have picked an even better feature tile instead! Sample has been ordered and is expected in next week. We also have some sample tiles for our kitchen splash-back coming in from Sydney. In the meantime, here is a recap of our selections so far:

Top - feature wall in en suite; bottom left - walls; bottom right - floor

Stop 5: House

Finally, we managed to drop by the house this afternoon. The builders have been very busy indeed - we now have a roof, windows, and half of our blue sisalation. You should have seen my smile when we drove up the street and first got a glimpse of the house :D 

Weatherboards have arrived on site, so they should be starting any day now - then it really will start to look like a house!

Now here are lots of pictures:

Family room windows

Sliding door out onto deck (door still to be installed)

Standing in the theatre room, looking down the hallway
Kitchen window still to be installed

Front window in Bedroom 2

View of future deck

Master bedroom bay window

Big pack of weatherboards ready to go

Cricket anyone?

Clear glass highlight over the front door - this is going to highlight the chandelier beautifully from outside

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gutter me up, Scotty!

The weather has been pretty shocking in Melbourne this week, so we weren't expecting much to be done onsite when we made our weekly pilgrimage to the site this weekend. Turns out though that the roofers have been very busy installing the fascia and guttering:

Pretty gables and a new verandah

Close up shot of fascias

Framing for the verandah is now done

Side shot of the kitchen gable

Back view

My first thought when seeing the fascia (which is Colorbond Surfmist) was that it looked a lot darker than I was expecting. Surfmist is the lightest colour in the Colorbond range, and I always thought it was quite a light white colour, whereas on the house it looks quite grey. However, upon closer examination of some of the offcuts laying around on the ground, I think it is primarily the shadow and contrast effect of the darker Woodland Grey gutters which is making the fascias look darker than expected. The contrast against the lighter weatherboards should help to lighten this up. I have seen this colour scheme on many finished houses, so I am confident that it will all look fine once the weatherboards and roof are up too.

In other news, PK had been in contact earlier in the week to say that the windows had been delivered on Monday as expected, but as two had arrived broken they needed to be sent back and new ones issued. That must have all been sorted out as there were great big piles of windows laying around the site. Those of you with good memories will recall that we have chosen aluminium awning windows in Surfmist - the colour seems to be right, so that's one more point to instil confidence in the final colour perception of the fascias....

Windows for the family room

En suite window and bathroom window

More windows

The Colorbond roofing sheets also appear to have been delivered and are ready to go (can't see the colour in this shot, but these are Woodland Grey):

Roofing sheets

At this rate, they should have the windows installed and the roof well underway by our next visit. We should be able to fit in a special mid-week visit this week as on Wednesday, Ben and I have the day off to go and see the electrician and the cabinet maker and start getting this side of things organised. It looks like the cabinet maker has already made a visit on site to start checking measurements. Now it is up to us to find some examples of what we want before Wednesday...

Markings for the en suite vanity - apparently the cabinet maker and I are thinking along
the same lines, which is a good start!