Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Duck, duct, goose!

So plastering unfortunately didn't get started last week, but we did get some progress anyway with the delivery of some of our plumbing fixtures:

Bathroom shower base

Bathtub in main bathroom

En suite shower base ready to go in

The other big change this week was the installation of the ducts for the heating. Every time I hear the word "ducts", it makes me think of this really cute Brivis ad:

"How do the ducks keep you warm?"

"They're stuck in the ceiling and they blow out warm air!"

However, it was a surprise to see the ducts in the roof cavity given we had specified them to be installed under floor. Turns out that there just isn't enough room for them underneath the house, so we don't have much choice. 

There is an upside though - we were originally going to be organising our own cooling post-handover, however now that the ducts are already there, we have decided to get Keogh to organise it now for us instead (especially considering there is no plaster to get in the way at the moment). The heating and cooling guy will be back on Tuesday to upgrade the unit to handle both heating and refrigerated cooling. We also decided to upgrade to a zoned system, with separate zones for the living areas and the bedroom areas. All of this will run through the one ducting system and will be controlled by the one unit, so the entire roof cavity won't be taken up by the ducting system. The only downside is that this new system will require a return air (the old system just had a return duct), so we have had to sacrifice the cupboard in the study - but better that than cutting down the linen cupboard (I have a LOT of sheets and towels)! The "server cupboard" might have to go in the garage instead...still thinking about the logistics of this.

Lucky for the heating guy, no plaster yet to get in his way!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Electrical, Plumbing and Insulation - Oh My!

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend so far, despite the cold and rainy weather. 

This weekend, we were responsible for organising the insulation for all the internal walls in time for plastering to start this coming week. Earlier in the week, Ben went and got a couple of quotes for supply-only versus supply and install of the insulation. As it turned out, it was only a few hundred dollars extra to have the professionals come and install the insulation, so we decided to take them up on that option and take back our long weekend! Glad we did - the installers turned up on site at 7.30 am on Saturday, and by 11.00 am they were done - it probably would have taken Ben and I the whole weekend. We are also very pleased with the overall job the guys from Hutton Insulation did - they were very quick, tidy, and friendly, and we would gladly recommend them to anyone.

The other positive point is that the room sizes did not appear to shrink noticeably once the insulation was installed (as we had originally feared) - plenty of light coming through too.

Big piles of insulation ready for installation 

Walk-in robe and en suite done

Bedroom 2 all done


Pantry and study - still loving the size of the pantry!


Theatre room

In terms of Keogh's progress this week, we have now officially reached lock-up stage! The electrician and the plumber have both been in and done their stuff, although I think that we may need to get the plumber back again as it looks like the shower-head in the en suite has been put on the wrong wall.

Front shot - front door installed and panelling finished above the bay window

Close-up of the panelling above the master bedroom window

Front door with overhead highlight glass

Monday, June 4, 2012

No rest for the wicked...

Sorry about the lack of updates over the last few weeks, but luckily the builders haven't been resting on their laurels during this period - we are now a hair's breadth away from lock-up.

Over the past few weeks, all of the weatherboards have now been finished and we even have our beautiful turned posts installed on the verandah.

Lots of pictures to show you this week:

Front shot

Garage shot

Close-up of the pine strappings on the garage that Ben had changed at the last minute
 (was previously just going to be weatherboards)

Eaves have all been boarded up too

Close-up of the turned posts

North side of the house all boarded up - love the dappled
sunshine coming through those kitchen and dining room windows

Garage plastering has started in preparation for lock-up

Chipboard all laid inside ready for floorboards to be laid on top

Future kitchen

The wild and wet Melbourne weather is not slowing down the progress this week either - currently, the electrician is on site roughing in all of our electrical needs. 

Then, Ben and I are going to have a very busy long weekend installing our internal insulation in time for our AV guys and the plasterers to start next week. Flooring is booked for the week of the 25th of June, and then we should have the cabinet maker on site soon afterwards. Full steam ahead!