Thursday, November 1, 2012

2 big sleeps...

Today we had lots of excavators and bobcats and other machinery onsite to level of the backyard, re-cut the front yard ready for some gardens, and re-cut the driveway. We had originally cut in a big "S" shaped driveway, but after driving down it a few times and consultation with others, we decided to re-shape it into a straight sloping driveway. This should mean that it will be much easier for us to back the cars and trailer in and out. 

The plan for the front garden is to build in three separate levels with a pathway running down the middle. Apart from some lavender and English Box, we are not too sure on what exactly will be planted there yet. Time will tell...

We also had a visit from Keogh to start work on most of the list of defects we provided them. We also now have weatherstrips on the external doors, silver strips on the doorway to the bathroom and toilet, and a few other little bits and pieces.

The second visitor for the day was the bank valuer. Ben managed to have a good chat to him about our plans for the future (such as the deck and shed) and what impact these would have on the overall value of the house. The valuer must have found everything to be okay because tonight the loan money was in our account ready to be drawn down for the cheque on Friday. Got to love a bit of punctuality...


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