Tuesday, October 30, 2012

3 big sleeps...

Today was carpet day, the last of the major installations for the house before we can move in. I haven't seen it in person yet, but I must say that from what I have seen in the pictures it is all looking great so far. We've gone for 100% wool, with a beige-brown colour for the bedrooms and study (can't remember the name of the colour), and a deep purple for the theatre room ('coriander seed').

I know I said no pictures until the final reveal, but here is a quick sneak peak:

Ben had another busy day today working as apprentice carpet installer, as well as finishing off the installation of the towel rails and door stops. He also managed to catch up with FK when he made a quick visit to check up on the severity of the list of things to be addressed before handover. Nothing too major, so we are still looking like we are on track for Friday.

Tomorrow Ben has organised for the backyard excavation to begin again. We did attempt to do this back in July (seems so long ago now!), but the wet weather stopped the heavy excavator from being able to accomplish too much. Now that the ground has had a few months to dry out, it is time to try again. Once the backyard has been levelled, we can start looking at putting up the side boundary fence.